SMARD commercialisation workshop at the NEM Summit 2012

One of the workshops at the NEM Summit 2012 in Istanbul was the SMARD Workshop on commercialising FP7 project results. SMARD is a Support Action designed to fill the existing gap within the exploitation chain between successful networked media Research and the commercialisation by SMEs.

SMARD Workshop at NEM Summit

Lively discussions at the SMARD workshop

SMARD had invited to the workshop about 30 representatives of SMEs, the European Commission and three FP7 projects (Vconect, FascinatE and Beaming) as case studies to explore how to successfully commercialise networked media R&D results. Peter Stollenmayer from Eurescom and Erik Geelhoed from University College Falmouth represented Vconect as a project which is very active in exploitation.
The discussions in the workshop were very enthusiastic and constructive.

Some of the main conclusions were:
– One of the most reliable ways of commercialisation is, if project partners are enhancing existing or marketing new products/services.
– There is a natural tension between industry and academic partners. Whilst industry wants to make money from results, academic partners often want to publish and improve their academic reputation without commercial interests.
– Currently the entrepreneurial environment in Europe is not good; a lot should be done educationally, legally and regulatory to improve the situation.

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