Tale from the Medieval times of telecommunications

Once upon a time there was an endeavour that some uniquely skilled citizens from the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia set out to undertake with some uniquely skilled citizens of a country across the Mediterranean Sea and far south the Dark Continent.

Ambassadors of the citizens were called for negotiations to the capital in Broeksel. However for the citizens from far south the Dark Continent the journey would be too long and costly, so the officers in Broeksel agreed to use some new technology called “video conference” via a bridge. That sounded great: They built a viaduct that can carry your image and voice from Europe to South Africa: wow!

But the technology was tricky and required some special practitioners to make it work. The practitioners asked for lots of knowledge about bizarre matters, like a number to call, service identification, an internet protocol number, and other funny stuff. They were taking VC, SIP, H.323, IP, Conference ID, *, #. No variations were crossing that bridge. Only video? Only voice? Maby call this number? What is your IP? Nothing. All the engineers and scientists were speechless and thousands of Eurotallers worth of equipment were no good for getting the video conference to work.

Suddenly a voice broke that silence and it was like the medicine man’s voice saying the words of blasphemy: “Why don’t we use Skype?” …

And they all lived happily ever after.

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