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Large scale trials versus pilots – What is the difference?

The notion of trial as is commonly used to describe activities in the ICT discipline seems not to differ sufficiently from experimentation as this is used in various documents related to research and innovation. In the same context also testing … Continue reading

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The emerging integration of satellite technology into the 5G infrastructure – Markets and stakeholders

In many cases, the telecommunication and satellite markets can be seen as mature with little or no opportunities for sustainable competitive advantage due to limited potential for differentiation. The technology is stable and well diffused, and it is easy to … Continue reading

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Is the Internet of Things business case broken?

The Internet of Things (IoT) promised many benefits in terms of new applications and in particular new opportunities for a substantial change in societal behavioural patterns. And indeed we have witnessed many exciting new technologies and applications that are enabled … Continue reading

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About the role of bots on network neutrality

I am not sure whether “outing” is the right word here, but I will give it a try. I am not on Facebook, I do not tweet and I read still hardware news. I mean newspapers. Yesterday I stumbled over … Continue reading

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