Firefox OS – a new era of the mobile Web

Firefox OS, or “Boot to Gecko”, is Mozilla’s open source mobile operating system (OS), based on Linux and Mozilla’s Gecko technology. Providing application developers a platform based on HTML 5 and other open web technologies, like JavaScript and CSS, makes it an unconstrained mobile platform, accessible to any manufacturer, operator, and developer. And this OS, which is as open as Android, and seems as flexible as web applications can be, wants to spread worldwide!


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4th European Summit on the Future Internet

Opening panelThe 4th European Summit on Future Internet took place in Aveiro, Portugal on 13-14 June 2013. Jointly organised by TICE.PT and SND, the event is a highlight in the plethora of workshops and conferences in the Future Internet area in Europe. Despite the strike of air traffic controllers in France that had a profound impact on travels to Portugal, around 80 high profile experts made it to Aveiro and were awarded by  5 very interesting sessions and an extraordinary opening session.

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Is ICT becoming an old economy? How to innovate then?

Old economies exhibit properties that have been studied for many years. There is little product and process innovation; instead there is room for strategic innovation that can lead to transformation of the economy. If we study the factors of old economies we can develop a framework of business modelling concepts that allows policy and regulation to establish the right rules to encourage new entrants and allow transformation of incumbents at the same time.

What is changing?

Today we can see that many large telecom operators and information technology providers are struggling to redefine their position in the value chain and to innovate (again). This trend is apparent for the telecom operators since many of them, especially in Europe, were forced to redefine their business model and position in the value chain due to deregulation and liberalisation of the market. This trend is not so obvious for companies like SAP, Microsoft or Nokia, but if you look for the signs you can easily find many.

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Tale from the Medieval times of telecommunications

Once upon a time there was an endeavour that some uniquely skilled citizens from the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia set out to undertake with some uniquely skilled citizens of a country across the Mediterranean Sea and far south the Dark Continent.

Ambassadors of the citizens were called for negotiations to the capital in Broeksel. However for the citizens from far south the Dark Continent the journey would be too long and costly, so the officers in Broeksel agreed to use some new technology called “video conference” via a bridge. That sounded great: They built a viaduct that can carry your image and voice from Europe to South Africa: wow!

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